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Our founder Candice Andrus’ #1 mission is building an exceptional program where youth and children receive not only expert technical dance training but build life skills in a warm environment that empowers their future. She is passionate about her vision to “advance the art and the artist”™ by creating the most joyful and excelling dancers and dance parents as we pursue our goal to provide the highest return on investment in dance training and character building. Her joy is empowering dance instructors so that they can teach children and youth the confidence, resilience, creativity, and joy that come from dance, and provide an organized, seamless customer service experience to our dance parents.

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Why you'll love working for us:

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"Satisfying to deliver a higher level of service than typically found in our industry."

“I love the satisfaction I feel when we help families find their dance home and they get to watch the development of their dancers. It’s satisfying to be able to deliver a high level of customer service, especially in an industry where customer service is not always prioritized. I love being able to associate with teachers and staff who care about what we are doing and find meaning in helping students grow.”

Amy De Vera | Office & Enrollment Coordinator, Former Instructor

"You'll be hard pressed to find a better work environment than CADA!"

be hard pressed to find a better work environment than CADA!
a family; everyone helps each other and wants the best for each other. Candice makes sure her staff feels valued and
learning and growth."

Rachel Price | Non-Competitive Director, Instructor

What Makes Working at CADA Different?

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Fastest-Growing Dance Studio


Uncapped Growth and Upward Mobility with No Cap Compensation


Up Level Your Education


Organized & Communicative


Industry Relationships


Honored as the Professional You Are


Classy & Upstanding


Work-Life Balance

Our Culture

CADA is made up of a team of committed staff members. We all want to see our students grow and succeed, and we genuinely care about how we are performing that job. We are expected to show up completely, be prepared, and stay on top of our students’ training. Punctuality, respect, communication, and effort characterize our company culture.

Is This You?

  • You want a job that makes you excited to get out of bed each day ready to grow and deliver!

  • You want a position with room with upward mobility.

  • You are passionate about learning our strategic objective & mission statement, how we were created and why, and helping us build that!

  • You are an "intra"-preneur. You execute and are looking to be part of the team building the CADA vision.

  • You are a hungry learner and master student.

  • You are passionate about taking everything you do to the next level.

  • You like clear direction and the tools to reach the set out goals.

  • You are dedicated to following processes and systems.

  • You are thorough and exceptional with details.

  • You like knowing expectations and being able to meet them.

  • You are an initiative taker with responsibilities you are assigned.

  • You are aligned with the CADA mission.


Above all else, we look for teammates who share our core values:

  • Create wildly successful customers - We’re passionate about transforming lives. The work we do helps build joyous, exceptional dancers and happy, loyal dance parents - and we love that.

  • Self leadership - We’re a small team on a big mission, which means we seek out autonomy to make decisions in congruence with our core values, responsibility for executing on our work, and accountability for the outcomes of that work.

  • Exceptional execution - We move fast and have a high bar for quality of work; we make mistakes, but never the same mistake twice.

  • Continuous improvement - We pride ourselves on our growth mindset - the belief that no matter what, we always have the capability to learn and grow to match the task in front of us.

  • Harness collective genius - we empower each teammate to work in their zone of genius as often as possible; we do this through candid feedback, authentic connection, and optimistic collaboration.

Open Positions


  1. Check out our detailed job descriptions by clicking on the roles below

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  3. Fill out the initial application(s) at the bottom of the page.

Office & Support Staff:

  • [Currently Filled] Office Coordinator: In-Person OR Virtual (Flexible for part-time or full-time hours)

    • 10-20 hours, with possibility to add more in-person hours for up to 40 hours

  • [Currently filled] Recital & Event Planner (0-8 hrs/week): Recital, Parent Showcase, Parent Appreciation Week, Etc.

  • [Currently filled] Costume Manager Hours vary throughout the year (2-7 hours); Plus Boutique Assistant

Teaching Staff & Faculty (4-20 hours/week; plus opportunity for private lesson students):

  • Instructors:

    • Early Childhood Dance Instructor (Ages 0-5, Established Curriculum) - Must have a minimum of basic ballet background

    • Competition Dance Team Coach

    • Advanced Dance Technique Instructor

    • Dance Instructor, in any or several of the following

    • Jazz

    • Tap

    • Hip Hop

    • Ballroom

    • PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) Instructor or Pilates Instructor

    • Dance Conditioning Coach

How does our application process work?

We believe in running a transparent hiring process that sets you up for success as a candidate. We want you to present your most authentic, talented self so we know how well we’ll fit your goals and you’ll fit ours.

  • Stage 1: Complete our CADA Initial Applications Part 1 and 2. If you are invited to take the next step you will be asked to submit a follow-up submission.

  • Stage 2: The most qualified applicants are invited to an initial 20-minute Interview with our CEO or your potential direct report.

  • Stage 3: Follow-up Interviews with team members are held.

  • Stage 4: We send the chosen candidate an initial Job Offer and then follow up with a full contract after you let us know you're in!

We can't wait to add to our dream team!

What do you think?

If you've just read this and it sounds like a great fit because you know you could completely own and deliver in this role,

OR if you feel like you satisfy most of the job requirements but are unsure if you satisfy them all?

Apply now!

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Join our incredible team.

This is an opportunity for personal growth while blessing the lives of countless people and sharing your gifts and talents!

Please note: We do not respond to applicants that do not fill out both Part 1 and Part 2 of the initial application. Part 2 is on the following page.

Please click here and take this Styles Quiz and let us know your scores in all 4 areas. (5-10 minutes)

**Please note: There is NOT a right or wrong style.  Our CADA team needs members in all 4 styles. Please be as truthful as possible so that we can see what role you would best fit in.**